Investment Office


The mission of the Investment Office is to preserve and prudently grow the endowment and its income distribution capability in perpetuity to support the educational mission of Brown University.

The Investment Office of Brown University provides investment management for Brown University’s endowment and other managed assets.

Based on investment policies established and maintained by the Investment Committee of the Corporation of Brown University, we make asset allocation decisions for a diversified portfolio of investments and hire and oversee external investment managers. We may also periodically pursue direct investments to access opportunities not readily available from external managers or when such investments are more cost effective.

We are responsible for maintaining internal controls to monitor the endowment and ensure that it is in compliance with investment policies at all times.

Investment Principles

Our investment principles guide us in our mission of preserving and enhancing the University’s long-term financial security.

  • We seek to earn high real returns that compensate for the risks associated with investment and enable the endowment to support current and future generations of Brown scholars.
  • We expect the highest level of integrity and intellectual honesty from our managers and our team.
  • We pursue a value-oriented strategy with a focus on long-term compounding.
  • We endeavor to partner with world-class managers and strive to concentrate in our best investment opportunities.
  • We believe our competitive advantages are our alumni, permanent capital base, and long-term perspective.
  • We are data-driven, analytical, and proactive.