Investment Office

At its May 2020 Faculty Meeting, the faculty of Brown University approved a motion to amend the Faculty Rules and Regulations, effective July 1, 2020, for the purpose of creating the Advisory Committee on University Resources Management (ACURM) as a successor committee to the Advisory Committee on Corporate Responsibility in Investment Policies (ACCRIP).

The Advisory Committee on University Resources Management (ACURM) is an advisory body to the President of the University. ACURM is responsible for reviewing whether the investment and expenditure of the University’s financial resources is conducted with ethical and moral standards consistent with the University’s mission and values. As part of this responsibility, ACURM will offer advice to the President on how the university should manage these financial resources.

Brown has an obligation to prudently manage its business and investments operations to support and sustain the University’s mission of teaching and research in the service of society, within a community devoted to academic freedom and respect for human dignity. Issues of social responsibility should inform investment, spending and fundraising decisions.

ACURM is responsible for considering issues related to social responsibility with respect to:

  1. The Brown endowment.
  2. Business practices and policies.
  3. Labor issues, including fair labor standards, in the manufacture of products licensed by the University and bearing the University’s name and/or logo.
  4. Gift acceptance and naming policies.
  5. Other matters related to the investment and expenditure of University financial resources.

The Investment Office provides support to ACURM in matters pertaining to investment and the Brown endowment.

ACURM advises the President, to whom it may make recommendations relating to matters properly within its charge and consistent with the general guidelines for operations below, and will regularly report on its activities to the University community.