Investment Office

The Investment Office is staffed by experienced investment professionals, and together we manage a diverse portfolio of the University’s investments. Based in Providence on the University’s College Hill campus, the office is a department of Brown University.

Julien Angel ’14
Investment Associate

Christine Bove
Executive Assistant - Departmental Coordinator

Jessica DeMarco
Senior Performance Analyst

Jane Dietze
Vice President and Chief Investment Officer

Kimberly Donovan
Investment Associate

Joseph Dowling
Chief Executive Officer, Brown Investment Office

Yachao Fan
Investment Associate

Christopher Hofmann ’10
Investment Associate

Joshua Kennedy ’97
Managing Director

Peter Levine ’95
Managing Director

Ava Liu
Investment Analyst

Ann McManus
Administrative Assistant & Receptionist

Erica Nourjian
Head of Operations for Investments

Gary Padula
Investment Director

Blythe Pariseault ’01
Legal/Operations Analyst

Sarah Schultz
Senior Performance Analyst

Anne Sharp
Gift Securities & Office Manager

Kenla Sibley
Investment Director

Peter Su
Reporting and Data Analytics

Karl Treen
Senior Developer - Database Manager

Anne Turgeon
Executive Assistant

Dennis Voda
Operations Manager